Two Mountains

by Nennen

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released February 29, 2016

written by amy macdonald
played by amy macdonald with matt may (2 + 7) and jack deming, eamon quinn, joni sadler (4 + 5)
recorded by tim keen at mirror world and the plant
mixed by tim keen
mastered by harris newman
front cover photo by landon speers
layout and symbols by lucas huang//fake press
traduction française par vincent rondeau
thanks to graham latham for the right sequence

thanks to everyone who gave their time and care.




Nennen Montreal, Québec

depth metal
shows in the fall <3

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Track Name: Anger Cure
i will run you out of me

in the spirit of a mile a minute
so every good thing can come between us

i could be empty
you could be anyone

in this distance
living divide

two mountains
parallel lines
Track Name: Cove
i go walking on the cove
hum your hymns, handmade coat
warm against the winter

you were strong when i was frail
you the wind, i the sail
billow with your knowing

if you lose your way at sea
blow that horn, call to me
faithful i will answer

in the water, in the air
little thunder little prayer
sound it there
Track Name: Backyard
i was in the backyard hanging up the laundry
when you ran out from the kitchen and pulled me back inside
something in your voice, i could tell you were in trouble
but i couldn't put my finger on how or why

who could ever blame you, wanting what you wanted
just a little bit of comfort and a pretty place to hide
who could ever blame us children for believing you
that anything could happen if we'd only close our eyes

now you're pacing like a panther bloodless in a cage
you are a dancer of the hunt without the memory of a kill
i'll be in the backyard, call me if you want me
i'll be waiting with my eyes closed
sitting very still
Track Name: Henday
you are my brother
in shape and in colour
in the shifting of the light

i know you go hunting
down in the river
just bring it back alive

in the river with you
i saw your back wet with cold sweat
the coming of the night
in the river with you
i was only trying to do
the thing i thought i knew was right

try to remember
despair is a shifting of the light
give it a number
shape and a colour
bring it back alive
Track Name: 4.5
i wanted something
secretly shamefully quietly painfully

i wanted something
but i never said anything

now i brace myself constantly
for the sheer sickening feeling
of never receiving it
Track Name: Release
i'm taking it back again
this dry terrain is mine to till again
all mine, all mine, all mine

this hope wasn't meant to bear such bitter things
so here it lays its head
and folds its heavy wings

i'm falling asleep tonight
to lighter dreams
a clearer mind arriving piece by piece

settle in for the long release

no cause for sadness
it is what it is
Track Name: Villeray
sterile riches of villeray kitchens
i go running
are you in them?

i have dreams of you in diner booths
with our friends, shaking your head
like i'm not ready, i'm not ready

i have dreams of you dark in bars
with friends of ours, shaking your head
like i'm not ready, i'm not ready yet

we expand to fill up the space we give ourselves
give ourselves enough

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